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Travelling during Covid

So, alot of my friends and family can't understand how ive been able to travel during Covid! I completely get this, as the UK has been very locked down for so long now. When you're in the covid country bubble, it makes it very difficult to believe that you can move freely from one country to another!!I felt like this at Christmas and I felt trapped. You feel all consumed by covid with the media, rules and regulations and general conversations. It takes over.

Travelling during covid has its pros and cons. It wasn't a big decision for me whether to travel or not as I was at a time in my life where I was very unsettled and craving change, change in terms of leaving my current situation! It did cross my mind that I wanted to make the most of my travelling opportunity and i thought "would the countries I wanted to go to be open?".At the time I was suppose to start in Nepal, planning to hike to Mount Everest Base Camp and volunteer in a head injuries unit, then onto Bali to do a yoga course. Was this possible at the time, no. However, I firmly believe that things happen for a reason and I adjusted my travels, knowing how lucky I am to have some freedom and this opportunity.


  • The main attractions are quieter. No ques, better pics.

  • Cheaper hostels- some half price

  • Everyone you meet feels so lucky to be able to travel and embraces the present


  • Some attractions are closed. Alot of museums have actually been open but in Mexico most were closed.

  • Some coutries are completely closed to tourists

  • Covid tests- the most expensive was €120!!!!


Have I had to quarantine?

No, all the countries I have travelled to haven't required this. This definately impacts which country you decide to go to.

How many Covid tests have I had to do?

So far I have completed 4 Covid tests to travel. Two prior to leaving the UK (£100 each), one to get into Bosnia and Herzegovina and one to fly to Mexico (as we were in transit and had to go to Germany and they requested one). I think it's ridiculous how much the UK private companies can charge compared to other countries. The average PCR test is £120 in the Uk. Such a money making scheme.

Do you feel guilty for travelling during covid times?

I don't feel guilty for travelling as I haven't broken any rules and have followed the neccessary precautions. All countries have different rules regarding masks, dining etc. For example, in Macedonia, it was 6 people max to a table and restaurants closed at 7pm. In Turkey, a

facemask was mandatory outside. In Mexico, it's personal choice whether to wear a facemask but mandatory to wear them in shops, like most places. I'm lucky enough to have had my vaccine as i'm still employed by the NHS. I've also had Covid when I was working in t

he hospital and have/had the anti-bodies. Do I feel guilty for leaving my job at such a critical time, yes I do. I know how hard the past year has been and felt bad knowing what my colleagues were/are going through. They are amazing and inspire me so much. One big famalam ❤️

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