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Mexico City 🇲🇽

Updated: May 2, 2021

A must see if you're going to Mexico!!!! I nearly didn't go and now i'm so glad I did!! From the people to the food, you’re going to love it. I spent 5 days there. The city is big, vibrant and busy and has a population of 9 million people. The streets were clean, and locals were frequently sweeping the plants from the pavements and roads with their traditional brooms. The first things I noticed were the birds and plants!! They are everywhere, making it feel lovely and alot less like a city! The cheese plants are ginormous!!!

I stayed about a 20 minute taxi ride from the Historical Centre in a place called Roma. Consider this similar to those nice vibeee neighbourhoods in London. Here you can find swanky cafes, good vibes, parks and the friendliest locals. However, it is pricier than most neighbourhoods, except Condes, Lomas, Santa Fe and Polanco. There’s tacos and fresh smoothies usually only a block away - what a treat!!!

I stayed at Metro Boutique Hostel- we paid approximately 10 pounds each for a private room for 2 people . It had a great vibe and funky interior, with wall murals, plenty of plants a hammock and a courtyard. There were plenty of bathrooms/ showers, and a fully equipped kitchen on the roof terrace with “love island “ lights.

Things to do:

1) Go to the Teotihucan Pyramids and learn about the Aztecs. All the coloured stones are made from the natural colourings insects and flowers. See pic below. I went on a tour organised by the hostel. I wasn't impressed. The info was very brief and the tour guide was lovely but spoke poor English. Find a good guide and enjoy. Included was a talk on the many uses of the cactus and a Tequila and Mezcal tasting. I reccomend trying both as Mexico is the birthplace of these spirits! I also tried cactus salad, was slimy but nice.

2) Eat Tacos- but be aware, the sauce is very very hot so go easy, but slap on the guac and fresh coriander.

3) Explore the streets and absorb the culture. There are many small parks where the locals tend to exercise.

4) Admire the Jakaranda Trees adundent woth violet blue flowers. Their beautiful and really add a pinch of loveliness when you look up! Story has it, a Japanese gardener of the Mexican president gifted it to him. A symbol of international friendship

4) Learn about the artist Frida Khalo- a National icon in Mexico. She's super interesting. You can visit Frida Khalo Museum, known as the “The Blue House” where she grew up. Note there's only 2 of her paintings on display here. Also buy tickets one to two days in advance for entry. Twenty five of her paintings are in Museum Dolores Olmedo (her best friend) and you can find others in the Museo de Arte Moderno.

5) Visit Coyoacan- a Colourful Bohemian Neighbourhood known for the Arts. I did a free walking tour with Strawberry walking tours by a super passionate and funny guide called Ernesto Lopez. He was great and his mum was an interpreter for the Simpsons…. Yes I know how cool!!!!! The tour includes a trip to Coyoacan market. This is a must in my opinion. You’ll find everything from baby Pinatas, Frida Khalo shortbreads and succulent stalls, to an array of crochet shops and food stalls selling the best Tostadas around! Be sure to try the “Tinga de pollo” tostada. The “Pata” one was less appetising, beef trotters. Other traditional dishes I can reccomend are the "Pollo con Mole" and the "Chile Poblano" from the food market.

6) Salsa/Zumba in the local park usually in the morning. I discovered this when I was out running and it wasn’t until I looked over after just finishing the monkey bars (slight obsession and have to do them if I see them) I saw the instructor full on slut dropping as part of his routine. Hella yeah!

7) Hatha Yoga at Casa Pancha, the sister Hostel to where I was staying. It cost 150 pesos for 1 1/2 hour session. The session was taught by a beautiful human, mainly in Spanish which was super relaxing.

8) Go out Salsa dancing! Due to Covid, the salsa school I wanted to go to was shut even though it said it was open on google maps. I heard the place to be is Mama Rumba. For a raw experience, I went to a club in The Historical Centre, and trust me, you will be inundated with offers and males offering their hand to dance with you, especially if you’re blonde! Ladies- we have the salsa advantage (even if you only know the basics) as the male leads- phew!

9) Explore and sample the food and drinks. Places to check out;

  • Gin Chan for Premium Sushi

  • Casa Franca for Cocktails

  • Condesa Df/ Hostel Condesa for rooftop drinks

  • Quentin Cafe or Panaderia Rosetta for Pastries

  • Paradigma Cafe for the nicest Latte

  • Dre Bar for bottomless brunch/sport/quiz/great music! if you're craving English food here is a must, their steak pie, chips and gravy is 👌. It's owned by my friend from uni, he's a well known DJ.

  • Expendio de Maiz Sin Nombre apparently does amazing food. They bring you food until you say stop!

Handy tips;

  • You can use Uber to get about, its pretty cheap. Download this before you get to the aiport as no free wifi.

  • Don’t go out after 10pm on your own.

  • The Avocados and the Galia melon are the nicest I have ever had.

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