Guys, I know travelling is difficult right now! I've created a travel blog because i'm super passionate about travel, and I want to provide you with content that will give you hope and ......... a) ignite your passion and spirit for travel again. b) access great content on countries/places to visit-both on and off the beaten track, tips/ideas etc to plan your next travels/holiday c) so family and friends can see what i'm upto! Many can't believe I'm travelling during Covid times d) ive had many friends say "I'm living my life through you at the moment" please dooooo!!!! 

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Hey, welcome to my travel blog. I decided to take a year career break from working as a Physiotherpist in April 2020 after a rocky few years. When covid struck, I postponed this and worked though the first lockdown on ICU. Summer came and my boss said I may not be granted this opportunity again, so I took it. I started my career break on August 14th and flew straight to a yoga retreat in Crete.  I the island hopped around 8 different Greek islands. Next, I took a flight to Istanbul, Turkeyee. I travellled around Turkey with tourradar, then worked in a cafe near the Sophia Hagia, learning to make a good cup of coffee, barista style. After that, I decided to travel the Balkans; Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia. Christmas came, and after much debate, I decided to suprise my family, flying home on 20th December. It was the right choice. However, England went into a strict lockdown making it illegal to leave the country after New Year. My sister had a baby boy and I helped my family packing up boxes to move out of the family home. On February 8th, 2 days before my 34th birthday I decided to fly out to North Macedonia after securing a volunteer job. After this I went to Albania, Montenegro and back through Serbia to get to Bulgaria to learn to snowboard in Bansko for the rest of the season!!! After this we decided to catch a plane to Mexico baby and here I am!!!!!! Enjoy the ride...... 


Mexico City 🇲🇽

A must see if you're going to Mexico!!!! I nearly didn't go and now i'm so glad I did!! From the people to the food, you’re going to love...

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